Cruise ship crew taken to Limassol hospital

 Former top EUA crew member on an Italian cruise ship off the coast of Cyprus was taken to hospital after showing suspected symptoms of the coronavirus.
According to the Cyprus News Agency, the Costa Diadema arrived at Limassol port in the early morning hours on Tuesday, where an individual on the cruise liner was transported to Limassol General Hospital.
Costa Diadema has a capacity of 5000 but was traveling without passengers following a suspension of cruises by the company due to the coronavirus pandemic
CNA cited media reports that said staff on the ship had shown symptoms of the coronavirus, while the captain asked Cypriot authorities for assistance after the medical condition of one crew member began to deteriorate.
The ship approached a berthing location and dropped anchor around 2:30am, with a state vessel receiving the crew member and transporting the patient to Limassol General. diplomat Federica Mogherini, Norwegian Foreign Minister and Cypriot women with leadership positions were among speakers of an event organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nicosia to mark the 25th anniversary of the Beijing declaration for women’s rights.
In an address, Foreign Minister Nicos Christodoulides told “Women in Diplomacy” referred to the Ministry`s efforts to include women’s rights into the country’s foreign policy and more specifically to the recent appointment of Gender Equality Advisor Josie Christodoulou.
“GenderEquality should be included and mainstreamed as a horizontal priority in foreign policy. We cannot discuss and implement policies that do not take into account the different needs of women and we can’t do so without women around the table,” Christodoulides said.

Getting through lockdown with local wines

Indulging in high quality Cypriot and Greek wines is one way Despina Tilemachou is getting through the lockdown, each day discovering the textures and tastes produced at local wineries and sharing them with her 17,000 Instagram followers (@winescribble).
In her #lockdownwine series Despina, or Anna to be more exact as that’s her online persona, shares a wine almost daily, describing its taste and what it pairs well with. Her audience, the tasters as she calls them, have quickly fallen in love with this series of almost flippant descriptions in layman’s terms, eagerly anticipating the next upload.
As a storytelling project, WineScribble with channels on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, focuses on telling the stories of the producers and the people involved in the wine culture of Cyprus and other Mediterranean countries....

Coronavirus: Controversial plan to support tourism

 The House commerce committee will discuss on Wednesday ways of salvaging the tourism sector, including a controversial plan for businesses to issue vouchers instead of cash refunds to customers for cancelled bookings.
The issuance of such vouchers is to help shield the hard-hit tourism sector from the effects of the coronavirus epidemic that has brought global travel to a financially devastating halt.
Yet such a plan contravenes EU law, of which the European Commission is the guardian, which provides customers with the right to choose between a cash refund or accepting a voucher for a future package holiday.
The same problem affects airlines, which have been trying to deflect millions of refund claims to avoid additional drains of their cash reserves in a sector grounded by the pandemic.
If passed...

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